Sri Lanka with a healthy and productive estate population


Plan and Implement a comprehensive health programme improving health indicators among estate population, to levels comparable to national indicators through development of infra structure, human resources and service delivery in the estate sector.


Upgrade the quality of life of estate populations by improving the overall health and health services


To reduce the disparity that exists between the plantation sector and the other sectors of the country in provision of basic health care services.


1 : To improve nutritional status of the estate sector population.
2 : Infrastructure development of health sector (Hospitals and   dispensaries, MCH Clinics, Child development centers, Quarters and Sanitary facilities
3 : To develop Human Resource for health in the Estate sector to improve curative and preventive health services.
4 : Improve MCH and other types of service delivery for estate population.
5 : Undertake research studies on health related behaviors , changing behavior through Behavioral Change Communication (BCC), and service delivery.


1 : Ensure a national level mechanism to provide policy guidance, direction, leadership, accountability and coordination for estate health.
2 : Strengthen the estate and urban health unit of the M of H and develop the capacity of the technical staff in the unit.
3 : To provide quality service delivery as in other parts of the country.
4 : To empower the plantation sector population to take decisions to improve their quality of life without gender bias.
5 : Identify focal points for estate health ( MOs) at district level. Ensure a mechanism for regular mobilization of funds to improve the estate sector. ( government and other sources of funding)
6 : Ensure a mechanism to collaborate among stakeholders working on Estate Health at central(E&UH Unit), Provincial and district levels.
7 : Ensure a mechanism to address the Language barrier which is a key obstacle to implement health programmes in the estate sector.